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Most foreign visitors to Belarus require one of a range of available visas: transit visas, short or long-stay visas, single or multi-entry

Exceptions are:

Passport holders from CIS states (excluding Turkmenistan)
Cuban citizens (for visits up to 30 days)
Citizens from Serbia and Montenegro (for visits up to 30 days)
Mongolian citizens (for visits up to 30 days)
Venezuelan citizens (for visits up to 90 days)
Macedonian citizens (for visits up to 30 days)

What kind of visa do you need?

The most commonly used visa is the short-term visa. These are valid for up to 90 days and suitable for:

business travellers
private travellers on family business
Short-term visas can be single, double or multiple entry, depending on requirements.

Long-term visas are usually valid for one year and allow multiple entry to Belarus. They are suitable for:

frequent business travellers
private travellers wishing to stay longer in the country
Transit visas for Belarus are valid up to one year and allow the holder 2 days to travel across Belarusian territory.

For foreigners entering Belarus from a country without a representative office, it is possible to get the visa on arrival at Minsk National Airport.

In order to do this the person or organisation inviting you to Belarus must submit the original invitation to the Department of Citizenship and Migration prior to your arrival.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Successful applications will be processed within 5 working days of receiving the request.

How much does a visa cost?

Visa charges vary according to:

nationality of applicant
age of applicant
type of visa
Thus, consular fees are

transit visas (type B): single-entry visas – €20, single-entry visas for groups – €10 per person, multiple-entry visas – €40
short-term visas (type C): single-entry visas – €60, single-entry visas for groups – €10 per person, multiple-entry visas – €120
long-term visas (type D) – €150.
For issuing visas to UK citizens:

transit visas – $78/ £50 (5 business days)
short-term visas – $114/£75 (5 business days)
long-term visas – $366/£235 (5 business days).

For issuing visas (5 business days) to USA citizens:

transit visas: regular - $160
short-term visas: regular - $160 (single entry), $ 190 (double/multiple entry)
long-term visas: regular - $270.

Consular fees for citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Estonia stand at €25 for single-entry short-term visas and €60 for multiple-entry short-term visas.

Visas for Serbia citizens (for 30 days and over) and Japan citizens are free.

Visas processed at Minsk National Airport usually cost double the standard tariff.

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